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It is not easy to give your home to the bank. They do not want your home. They want their/your money.
Below are some of the common solutions to avoiding bank foreclosure. We can help you structure the best option.

How does it work?


In some situations, your mortgage holder may be willing to add missed payments to your loan balance. They may temporarily reduce your interest rate and even allow you to reduce the amount of principle you pay each month. These measures can help you cure a default and be back on track.


With this solution, we can help you design a plan for getting your mortgage out of default status. We review your living expenses and income then prepare a written plan for the bank, showing how the default will be cured over a period of time.


Pre-Foreclosure Sale
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Sometimes the homeowner may have suffered loss of income and be unable to afford the mortgage payments for the foreseeable future. In these cases, a quick sale may be the best option. Regardless where you are in the foreclosure process we can help you explore how this solution may be able to preserve your good credit.

Short Sale

Homes have lost value and you may be upside down on your mortgage, meaning you owe more than it is worth. AmeriBanc Capital has devised a reasonable and logical sequence for convincing the bank to allow a sale without full loan repayment.

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

If there is little or no equity (or even negative equity) then a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure may be the only option that will work.

To have the best chance of preserving your credit, let the professionals at AmeriBanc Capital guide you.





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Just calling your mortgage holder on the phone will do little good. You are just one of thousands of customers, and they are not equipped to give you the personal service required when you need it most. Our professionals are knowledgeable about Loan Options and know the procedures for dealing with banks and mortgage holders to make sure your rights are preserved. The professionals at AmeriBanc Capital can help.

Banks Are
Willing to Help

With so many Americans in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure, banks now have a problem. They are in the banking business, not the real estate business. If they take possession of a home, they are stuck with management problems, real estate taxes, and other expenses. In addition, the real estate usually becomes a “non-performing asset,” meaning that it has value but does not produce any income for the bank. For those reasons, it makes good business sense for banks to make accommodations that will help people stay in their homes.















































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